Monday, August 30, 2010

Running out of Options

I Had already gone through the list of books I had read this year... So I had to go through my list of books I read from the summer of 2009 and a little after that. Here is the 1st book from the list...

Ok, I have to do some recalling here. 13 Little Blue Envelopes is a book about 17 year old Virginia who receives 13 blue letters from her Crazy Aunt Peg; who has passed away. Th 1st letter explains that Ginny will be embarking on an adventure and that she is not aloud to open the next letter until she gets to her next destination or completes the task in the letter beforehand. On top of that she is given 4 rules she must follow.

Rule #1:
You may bring only what fits in your backpack. Don't try to fake it with a purse or a carry-on.

Rule #2:
You may not bring guidebooks, phrase books, or any kind of foreign language aid. And no journals.

Rule #3:
You cannot bring extra money or credit/debit cards, traveler's checks, etc. I'll take care of all that.

Rule #4:
No electronic crutches. This means no laptop, no cell phone, no music, and no camera. You can't call home or communicate with people in the U.S. by Internet or telephone. Postcards and letters are acceptable and encouraged.

The letter takes her on all these adventures through Europe, where Virginia discovers things about her Aunt and learns things about herself.

The book is a typical teenage chick lit light read. It's a feel good book. I enjoyed the book and in fact as I am sitting here planning my trip to Europe in April... I find myself recalling moments about the places we are going to visit from this book. The book is nothing SPECIAL and would not be the first book on the top of my head that I would recommend to someone, but it is a nice book, that makes you want to go travel.

Currently Reading: Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

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