Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I cannot believe I had neglected to read this book for over a year. Being pushed aside by all the other newer shinier books.. but oh, was this book a gem. I bought it at a nice used book store in Campbell,Ca and I am now more than overjoyed to say I have read it and you should too!

The book is set in England in the late 50's. Max Raphael has justed moved his family to his new job where he will be a deputy superintendent to the criminally insane. Max has a beautiful and intriguing wife Stella... who has grown bored with there marriage. So she begins a love affair with one of the hospitals patients Edgar Stark.

Need I say more?! Does that not make you want to read this book?! This is one of those books that I just could NOT put down and couldn't wait to find out how it ended. The book wastes no time getting to the point; you find the first 150 pages to be a crazy whirlwind and you don't know exactly whats going to happen.. for about 50 pages in the middle the book cools down and kind of makes you think " really that is all?".. but don't stop! I promise those last 100 pages or so will make your head spin. It's hard to place this book in a category it's not exactly a horror story and it's not really a psychological thriller. It's more a forensic psychology love story. There are very few books that I want to see turned into a movie and this one of them. Although it is in ways similar to Shutter Island.... it is also SO much different. I do warn though that the book is not for the faint of heart... for there are plenty of sexual encounters and graphic descriptions of crime. The book is excellently written and is told from the view of a fellow friend a psychiatrist to both Stella and Max.Which gives the book that extra umph of originality. Being that my major is forensic psychology.. the book may have intrigued me more than others... but I promise any avid reader would enjoy this book. It really is in it's own element.

What's Next?

My next book is "Twenties Girl" by Sophie Kinsella, honestly I only bought the book cause the title intrigued me. I love the 1920's and from what I got from the summer this is a modern take on a girl who lives her life like she lives in the '20's but I could be wrong. My feelings are mixed on how excited I am about reading this book. It may be because I went from reading a truly enthralling book to another "easy read" chick-lit book. So hopefully it does not disappoint.

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