Friday, August 27, 2010

Remember When You Were...

Twenties Girl definitely surprised me. It was not what I thought it was about. I originally thought it was about a modern girl who likes to live like she was in the twenties (which overall sounded like a boring book, but I love the '20's era). However I was ALL wrong. The book is set in London, England. Lara is the main character; who just broke up with her boyfriend Josh, dropped everything to go into business with her best friend to become a headhunter (although shes never done it before), and overall is just in a tough spot. Mainly, because Natalie, Lara's friend and business partner decides to move to India, fall in love and isn't exactly sure when she will be coming back. Leaving Lara and their assistant Kate, to figure the business out. On top of that Lara is convinced her ex is still in love with her and she has to go to the funeral of her Great Aunt Sadie; who she's never met. Now, this is where the book begins...while at the funeral Lara discovers that she can see her great aunt Sadie, who has taken form of her 23 year old body from the '20's. Being Lara is the only one who can see her, Sadie asks..well more like demands Lara stop the funeral and help her find her necklace; because she cannot be put to rest without it.

That may sound a little boring, but the book hilariously follows them through there journey. It's part ghost story, meets mystery novel, meets love story. There are two, three, maybe even four different story lines going on... all tied together perfectly. I read through this book rather quickly and not because I just HAD to know how it ended but because it was hilarious and just made me happy. I would say it was like I was watching a movie or reading a perfectly well executed movie script and I just wanted to know what the ending would be. The book is excellently written and since the writer is also British, there are a few words that I didn't quite understand but got the point. This is the perfect summer reading book, or a book to read while lounging by the pool. I'm actually excited to read some more of Sophie Kinsella's books.

What's Next?

The Next book in my pile of books to read is "Water for Elephants" by Sarah Gruen. I honestly do not know much about the book. I know it is a historical piece (which I LOVE) and it has to do with the circus. I mainly picked the book up for 2 reasons... One being I have heard great things about it and 2nd being that I know the movie is in production and I want to read it before it comes out..

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