Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Summer We Read Gatsby

"When two estranged sisters inherit a Hamptons beach house, they search for fortune but find love instead. 
Cassie and Peck are half sisters with little in common beyond a shared last name-that is, until their beloved aunt Lydia bequeaths them equal shares of her ramshackle old cottage in the Hamptons with instructions to "seek the thing of utmost value" within it. Cassie and Peck fantasize about discovering a lost Jackson Pollock, or a first edition of The Great Gatsby, as they revel in one last summer of fabulous parties and nostalgia. "

Plot: The plot isn't anything deep and has little to do with Gatsby, except with some nostalgia. Which isn't bad, it is nice and makes me think of a summer in the Hamptons, but as far as a plot that will grab you, this it does not possess.
Characters: There are two half-sisters Stella (Cassie) and Peck. The both equally have qualities that are equally like-able and annoying. I felt the ages should have been reversed Peck acts more like the younger sister and Stella acts more like the younger. Which is how I imagined them through out the book. Then there are the love interests. Finn and Miles. Honestly, Miles had ZERO personality in this book, so him as a love interest made no sense. On the other had I loved Finn. He came across as a chill, Irish American Man and it was SEXY.
Pros: A Nice Wistful Read.
Cons: Almost kind of pointless. 
Final Thoughts: I hate when I have to write a review about books like this cause I didn't HATE the book but I didn't LOVE it either, it was alright. I think there could have been more done to make the book interesting, cause everything was there, it was just really one toned.  All though I feel if you were on vacation on a beach or ranch... somewhere remote that might change.  Overall, this book took me longer then most books take, cause I wasn't DYING to read it and honestly once we got to the Climatic point of the story, I skipped through the last 30 pages, cause I didn't really care about the after math. 

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  1. I agree, it's the hardest to write reviews about books that are just alright. Easy to gush and easy to rant, not so easy to talk about how 'meh' it is! l0l