Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Good - Bye 2011 ... Hello 2012!

I never know where to begin with these... I have an idea in my head, that never turns out how I wanted it to. 2011 was a much needed year for me. But also, as year that went by WAY WAY WAY to fast. 

I began my 2011, by officially starting my blog, well... taking it seriously. My blog was actually started in late 2009, but I only posted every few months and had 2 followers (Brandon and My Mom) HA! Which as led to VERY cool things, from getting to know other bloggers and authors, To receiving my first ARC's to having authors and Publishers send me there books. (which is NOT why I blog, but something I never dreamed of happening to me)

I had surgery in March for Endometreosis and a Hernia. As well, as being treated for a few other health issues. Although, the surgery was over all successful and has greatly improved my life and how I live it, we are not completely over the hill. 

I had 3 jobs in job 2011, only one of those do I still have. I was a nanny, a Macy's Merchandiser (although I got paid more for training then actual work days) and Creative Directer for Attacha Backpacks (Which I Currently Work For).

I attended 3 weddings, 2 for one of Brandon's older and one of his younger brothers and 1 for My Dad. 
Which means I also gained a Step-Mother = )

I discovered it is possible to pull a muscle in your eyeball, which I did, from too much reading (who knew?!)

My Mom moved to Southern California and now lives 1.3 miles away from me. 

I hosted my 1st Christmas with Brandon's Family (which could have turned out better)

and Sadly, Ended My 3 year engagement to Brandon...

Hopefully, I am not forgetting anything too important! And Don't feel too sad about Brandon and I. I was heart broken at the time, but as of now Brandon and I are not engaged, but are working on our realationship and working on remembering why we wanted to be engaged to each other in the first place. Which is what 2012 is going to be all about, that and 2012 is going to be my year of MORE! That sounds selfish but it's not... I stumbled across this Pin on Pinterest and it spoke to me (no not literally) it just summed up how I wanted My life and 2012 to be.

Just MORE living my life, enjoying my life and being Happy. And something about this pin, just sums it all up for me.. Although, I have a feeling it will be LESS Sleep for me, Now that the company is planning on launching in 2012, but overall MORE.

If you have gotten this far, Thank You for reading, I know this post hasn't focused on a lot of my blogging, but who I am outside of blogging has a lot to do with who I am as a blogger and visa - versa. So this is my Thank you to all my readers and followers, Who have made my blog into something bigger then I ever imagined. Even though, I would be happy even if it was my 2 followers. I know my blog is not a big as others but I am happy to have the followers that I do! Again, Thank You and I promise this is also the year of MORE for my blog. That means MORE Posts, MORE Contests, MORE Interacting (via comments,e-mail,twitter,etc) Just MORE in general. I am so appreciative of everything that has to do with The Lost Book Reports. I cannot express it enough. I hope 2012 is a fabulous year for all of you and lets hope the Mayans were wrong, so we can have an even better 2013! 

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