Monday, April 2, 2012

What Can I Do To Improve...?

Hey Guys!!

So, recently I have been thinking of ways I can improve and expand the blog. I enjoy doing this and it has basically become a 2nd job. Within, the next year I plan to do just that and make it bigger and make it a job. However, right now I just want to do some minor expansions and improvements. Which is where I need your help. What Can I Do To My Blog, to make it better? What Would You Like To See More Of? Please Let Me Know!

One thing that is happening very soon is a new customized lay-out and background. I am also, very aware, that I need to actually take time to re-read and edit my posts! It is my weakness, I just like to type it out and post!

1 comment:

  1. I don't really edit my posts either. I always run spellcheck on them, but that's about it. Of course that means I find typos on ridiculously old posts, and can never decide if it's worth it to go back and update the whole thing.