Friday, August 24, 2012

Artemis Fowl : The Arctic Incident (Book 2)

The Arctic Incident sees the slightly older, perhaps slightly more mellow arch-criminal Artemis recovered from his last adventure, richer now that he has his half of a hoard of fairy gold, and happier since the Clarice Starlingesque superfairy Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon returned his mother's ailing mind to full health.
But there is still much unfinished business: Artemis Fowl Sr. disappeared when a daring escapade designed to free his family from their criminal--not to mention deeply lucrative--past and move the family's assets into legitimate enterprises went horribly wrong. Held captive by the Mafiya (the Russian organized crime syndicate) for over two years, he has been declared officially dead, but Artemis Jr. knows in his heart (yes, he does have one) that his beloved father is still alive, and he is determined to find him. Meanwhile Captain Short is temporarily on assignment to Customs and Excise as punishment for letting Fowl separate her and her People from their gold and is finding her stakeout duties a little dull. It soon becomes obvious that the pair have need of each other's considerable skills, and before long they are on track for an adventure that will ultimately have far-reaching consequences for both of them."
It has been a good few years since I read Book 1 in the Artemis Fowl Series, however I stumbled on a practically new copy at the Discovery Shop of Book 2 and was pretty excited. Artemis Fowl is a decently fun middle grade read. Involving a criminal mastermind boy and magic/fairies/goblins etc. Book 2 goes by quickly and isn't really too exciting, as usual it is just setting the plot up for Book 3 and probably the rest of the series. Book 2 reminded why I enjoyed the first book and I would definitely recommend this book and series for boys and girls of any ages, although it is middle grade.

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  1. I enjoyed the first book too, but haven't read the rest. Glad the second's just as good as the first.