Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Scrimshaw Set

"Emma Favager is thirty, single, and practicing family law in Denver when she learns her grandmother, Frances, has died and left her assets to Emma with strings attached. She must spend time with Frances' three friends in Montana. If Emma's opinion of the friends meets Frances' expectations, Emma will inherit Frances' estate. As Emma tries to fulfill her grandmother's demands, she confronts her own values, discovers why Frances was never allowed to see her, and questions her life choices."
The Scrimshaw Set should be turned into a TV Movie on the WE Channel, while reading this book I felt like I should be curled up on the couch, with some hot cocoa and the fire place running. It was so cozy and sweet. The book begins with Frances and how the Scrimshaw's journey begins, but the rest of the story focuses on Emma and her visit to Buffalo Falls, Montana at the request of her estranged Grandmother.

While the Scrimshaw Set was a nice cozy read and overall enjoyable. The book could have been edited better in some places. Hayes wrote a lot of plots into the story, to add some depth to the book I imagine and some of these plot lines could have be cut out of the book or should have been more present in the book. I also, would have liked the book to have taken place over a matter of a month instead of a week. That way I would have felt more connected to the characters and would have found the characters connections to each other more authentic. As far as the plot goes their is definitely a twist in there that I didn't expect but almost felt right. The ending, although I appreciate where Hayes was going with it, I think that it didn't fit the writing style of the rest of the book and almost was too whimsical.

As far as the actual scrimshaw set goes in the book, it was a nice touch, but not worth the book being titled after it, since it is a minor part in the book. I think the book should have been called Buffalo Falls. When it comes to characters I loved Harold, he is definitely someone I would have liked to be friends with and Emma is a nice girl. It was unfortunate that Frances was not as likable of a character though.

If you a looking for a short feel good book, to cozy up on the couch with then you could not go wrong with The Scrimshaw Set.

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