Monday, October 29, 2012


"From bestselling author Karen McQuestion—a brand new, spellbinding novel.
The night Russ Becker witnesses a strange astronomical event, his world changes forever. Before long Russ discovers he's developed incredible superpowers, and he’s not the only one. Three other young people—beautiful Mallory, arrogant Jameson, and mysterious Nadia—have had the same experience and all of them now have powers of their own. Mallory can control peoples’ minds, Jameson moves objects with his thoughts, and Nadia has empathic abilities.
At first the four relish their newfound gifts, but things become serious when they learn they are being hunted by an organization that wants them for its own nefarious purposes. When Russ’s family is threatened, he’s forced into action. What transpires will change all of them in ways they never imagined."

Plot: In general the concept of the plot isn't really something we haven't heard before, but as I kept reading McQuestion would add newer small elements to the story, that really changed where the plot was going.. although you might not have noticed right away. By the time you get to the ending of book 1, you realize where you that this cliche was going, isn't where it was going at all.

Characters: Russ is the main character and I loved him. Because he is that sweet, cute boy. (if this was a 90's teen adventure movie, you would totally have a crush on him, even if he wasn't the hottest) Overall, genuinely good guy. I really enjoyed his nephew Frank and his sister grew on me. There are a bunch of quirky fun characters who appear in the book and add a lot to the story.

Final Thoughts: Edgewood was way, way, way better than I anticipated. I enjoyed the Comic Book Hero type of story. What I loved most though was how well Karen could write a teenage boy, very believable and I am definitely intrigued to see where book 2 (Wanderlust) goes.

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