Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Kick-Ass Heroines

As fate would have it, when TTT did a Rewind aka Pick a Past Topic, earlier this month.. I did just that and The topic I picked was Favorite Heroines. I picked 5 which you can see HERE

But Since I WANT to participate in TTT and I only did 5 last time. I will expand finish the list off, with naming 5 more.

6. Isabelle Lightwood From The Mortal Instruments Series 
Hunts and Kills Demons, in a dress with a whip.

7. Liz Salander From The Millennium Trilogy
Badass Hacker and Queen of Revenge

8. Hermoine Granger From Harry Potter Series
Smart and Powerfully Magical

9. Sophie Mercer From The Hex Hall Series
Queen of DEMONS!

10. Katniss Everdeen From The Hunger Games Series
Okay, I couldn't really think of anyone else and I have only read the first book. BUT, She is pretty bad ass with a Bow and Arrow.


  1. Hermione is on my list too. I think is can totally kick butt.

  2. 4 out of these 5 are on my list! Check out my TTT.

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know