Saturday, October 13, 2012

Meeting Rachel Hartman

Wow! I have been meaning to write this for awhile! On September 28th My Mom and I made the LONG grueling drive to Santa Monica... 30 minutes with No Traffic. We arrive early and gave ourselves a lot of time to buy the book, scoop out the crowd and eat dinner.

To my surprise, as it was with Melissa De La Cruz there wasn't a big turn out. It was literally me, My Mom, A PreTeen Girl, He Parents and the B&N Employee (his name is Shane BTW) The Picture below actually depicts this well.

As we sat in the event room waiting about 15 minutes prior to the event starting Rachel Hartman came in and she actually ended up sitting with us and talking to us. Normally. It was AWESOME. However, as you may know Authors are my Celebrities, I get star struck and have nothing productive to really say to them, besides be in awe and complementing their writing. It is sad really. On top of that, I was not feeling well, making my brain even less functioning. 

Eventually a few more people came in, a few people were her friends and I think the others who were young men, just saw an event happening and decided to sit in on it (Side Note: I have noticed Santa Monica B&N attracts a very fine specimen of male readers, ladies..) Rachel told us of how she got started on Seraphina and how her journey of being an author began. I enjoyed listening to that, especially to learn that the version of the book now, if really nothing like it was when she first wrote it.  

 Then Came the Q&A portion which wasn't crazy long, but still fun. I did find out that Seraphina will have a sequel, but that this is probably the end of her story. I was glad to find that out since, when the story came to a close the ending was so open-ended I wasn't sure if there was a sequel or not. I also decided that from now on I am going to write my questions for the author out before hand.

 After The Q&A Rachel did a reading and then it was time to have the books signed. I really did enjoy the signing and it is funny cause half of me wishes there was a bigger turn out, but half of me enjoys the more "intimate" interactions with the authors.

My Review of Seraphina

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