Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind

My Rewind Topic of Choice Is.... Favorite Heroines

1. Nora Dearly From Dearly, Deparated and Dearly, Beloved
This chick isn't afraid of Zombies... Nough Said.

2. Rose Hathaway From The Vampire Academy Series
Has a temper and isn't afraid to kick some ass to defend her friends and kill some Strigoi (evil vampires)

3. Katarina Bishop From Heist Society and Uncommon Criminals
Okay, She is technically a criminal but she can plot crazy Ocean Eleven-esque heists and she is pretty Bad ass in my opinion. 

4. Cammie Morgan and The Rest of The Gallagher Girls From The Gallegher Girls Series
These girls go to a school where they are trained to be spies and well kill if they have too AND they took on a secret spy ring.

Half Lady In Training - Half Dark Side. 


  1. Yaaaay for knowing about the Gallagher Girls books! I rarely see bloggers mentioning them but it's actually such a great series! <33
    Oh, and yes, Rose Hathaway is awesomesauce. ;)
    Here’s my TTT

  2. Oh I really love Rose! Good choice!

  3. Good list. I love Katarina and the Gallagher girls as well.

  4. Loved Rose Hathaway too - and Vampire Academy is one of my favorite series.

  5. I obviously need to get my reading priorities together because I can't think of a single book with a female heroine that I actually admired enough to dub them a 'favorite'. Unfortunately, Katniss Everdeen does not count.

  6. Loving the Ally Carter reps. She writes the best books!

    My TTT: http://shelversanon.blogspot.com/2012/10/top-10-tuesday-rewind-top-ten-bookish.html