Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Words and Topics That Get Me To Read A Book

This is kind of a interesting topic for me, because I usually pick my books based on 3 things. Cover,Title and Recommendations. However, I do know their are Genres and Areas that draw me to books too.

1. Historical Anything, Really
1920's and 1600's mainly, but I am a HUGE history lover. So historical fiction with a great cover. Done.

2. Fairytales or Retellings
I live and breath Disney and one of my all time favorite miniseries is The 10th Kingdom. So I love all aspects of fairytales.

3. Spies/Cons/Thieves
I love the riskiness and cleverness it takes. Makes me feel like I am getting away with something.
4. Time Travel
This kind of goes back to #1 but I LOVE it!

5. Past Lives
Reincarnation, I love this concept and again kind ties into #1

6. Travel
Traveling to a new country, such as London or Paris and I want to read it. I want to pretend I am there going on the crazy adventures with the characters.

7. Certain Authors
John Green,Meg Cabot,Richelle Mead... this list could go on. But that means their books are automatic reads. No matter what.
8. Mysteries
I don't read enough with the right combo of things ,I will read it.
9. Privileged Lifestyles
Royalty, New York Elite, Old Money. Must Read.

10. Summer Love
This just makes me happy.


  1. Ooooh...historical, time travel and past lives! All great topics!!!

  2. I love re-tellings too! Great list!
    My TTT

  3. I love how so many of your topics do relate to history/alternate realities. While I'm not quite a fan of time travel, I do love historical fiction. And fairy tale retellings will always have a special place in my heart. Nice list!