Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Girl Who Played With Fire

Can I say WOW! First off, I have to say that The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was only a REALLY long prologue to this book. I wasn't a fan of TGWTDT but, I heard SO many great things about the series, that I had to read the next book and I am glad I did! Stieg Larsson is a GENIUS. He has weaved together the most intricate and alluring mystery/thriller novel I have read in a while. Even the most minor details will pop up with significance somewhere in the book/series. 

I was really happy when the book started off with quite a few pages on Lisbeth Salander and in general focused more on her. Cause I had heard she was the main character.. yet she wasn't in TGWTDT that much. I really enjoyed Lisbeth more and more trough out this book and I was at the edge of my seat (so to say) the whole time. I mean towards the middle ish end I had come up with some good theories, but still you never know!  The only thing that got a little annoying is the fact that Larsson brings in SO many characters and gives us a pretty extensive background and uses their last name to introduce them and I don't know why but this confused me at times and I think this is because they are minor-ish characters so I don't focus too much on needing to know their last names and also they all have Swedish last names, so some of the names appear to be similar.The ending didn't surprise me either (it was a cliff hanger). As I got closer to the last pages I kept thinking to myself " the book has to end as a cliff hanger, cause at this rate.. they will finish the story line and then what would the last book be about"

If you are someone who read TGWTDT and quit after reading it, I suggest picking up TGWPWF because it really is smart and awesome! BUT if you are someone who is really sensitive of weak then this book might not be for you... the book really pushes the envelope on every level as far as sex,abuse, drugs, sexuality, murder.. go.

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