Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Look Again

My fiance picked this book at random for me on Valentine's Day and upon reading the back cover, I agreed it was a good choice. The story is about an adoptive mother Ellen who gets a " have you seen this child?" card and realizes the boy in the picture resembles her son Will.

The story begins right away, literally on page one Ellen gets the white card and that nagging feeling kicks in and a search into her sons past begins. The book started out like a Lifetime Original Movie, real, raw and heartbreaking and the turned into an episode of CSI.. I wasn't feeling it too much (mainly cause I pictured the story ending differently) but I rationalized that yes this is possible and still can be real. However, the story then just became real and maybe a little to fictionalized. I mean the ending isn't HORRIBLE and probably if it were a movie, would be the desired ending. However, I was looking for this book to be a real take on a tough and moral questioning situation. My feelings are overall mixed, I expected to be bawling my eyes out when I began reading this book, and although there were times my eyes watered a little, I was never truly moved.  The one thing I REALLY like which is such a DUMB and really useless thing to like about a book, since it has zero impact on the book itself is the fact that the San Jose Mercury News was mentioned in the book. Which is my hometown, so I am familiar with it.

I wouldn't necessarily go out of my way to recommend this book to anyone, but if someone was curious about reading the book and asked my opinion on it, I wouldn't discourage them from reading it either.

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  1. This story was incredible. The questions of what would you do, and how would you react truely apply to this book. This has to be one of her most emotionally griping books to date, and that is saying a lot considering the DADDY'S GIRL has been my favorite.