Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Want Want Want Wednesday (6)

Oh dear time has flown by fast it feels like only yesterday I posted Want Want Want Wednesday (5) and look it was my last post on this site! Which means a few things I am (A) really slacking on my blogging and reading this month and (B) I probably should get involved in more weekly meme's. So I apologize for being uber sucky this month.

The Carrie Diaries By Candance Bushnell

Ok, I will admit.. I was never a diehard fan of Sex and The City and maybe that was because of how old I was when it was REALLY popular, but I always knew the stories, and every now and then I watch episodes on showtime and as a whole I feel a woman's loyalty to the series. So when I heard there would be a book on teen Carrie's life I was all for it, and it has been on my wish list, ever since. Then I saw it today at Target for 8 dollars and I almost purchased it, but I am on a mini book ban. So.. I resisted the temptation.. we will see how that goes.

The Daughters By Joanna Philbin

Ok, I will be honest that this book is on my list for a kind of dumb reason... or originally made my list for that dumb reason.. You see, the author is Regis Philbin's daughter and well, I like Regis. Also, I think the idea  for the book is cute, seems to have that "write what ya know" vibe to it. I have been contemplating purchasing the book through Hicklebee's and getting a signed copy when she visits in May.

Wicked By Sara Shepard (#5 in the Pretty Little Liars Series)

I began reading the Pretty Little Liars Series when it first came out and was instantly hooked! Sara Shepard's writing is AMAZING and at the time I was under the impression the series would only be 4 books, so I was surprised wen book 4 ended with a cliff hanging intended for a whole slew of books. By the time the 5th book had come out I was already on to other things and then i noticed a 6th, 7th and even 8th book and then a TV series, SO at this point I realized I really need to get back to reading the series!

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  1. Wicked is the fifth book in the Pretty Little Liars Series. It is my favorite one so far. This series is my favorite series of all time. It has mystery and thrill and is never boring. It is all about discovering secrets. Secrets that were hidden from the past, new secrets constantly forming and the main secret of who killed Ali. This book is amazing for being a mystery book, it never gets boring or slow and you discover tons of secrets that all lead up to solving the mystery of Ali's murder.