Thursday, April 14, 2011

Th1rteen R3asons Why

I was so excited when my fiance bought me this book for Valentine's Day for two reasons.. one being he actually listened to me, and two I really wanted to book! DUH! I feel upon this book from a celebrity gossip site called OceanUp. Which was saying how Selena Gomez was being considered for the role of Hannah Baxter and then it gave an excerpt on the plot. Although, interesting as it seemed it didn't immediately go on to my wish list. A few hours later I was on Pam's blog Bookaliscious and I saw that she had it on books she had read. So.. me being well me, I decided it was fate and added it to my Wish List. 
Th1rteen R3asons why is a special book. While it didn't move me like crazy me or warp me into the story. I still really enjoyed the story and its message and just the innocence it brings. The story follows Hannah Baker and Clay Jensen. Clay receives 13 cassettes, and when he listens to them he hears the voice of Hannah, who committed suicide recently. The rules are that their are 13 people on the tape and they have to listen to all the tapes and then pass it to the next person on the list. and each tape explains how this person contributed to her suicide.  

I liked the book, it isn't a long or complex read at all, it is quite simple. My only problem with the book is the cover! Which is odd for me cause I am not one of those people who over analyzes covers. I felt the cover just could have been different and more fitting the the book. All and all I would say if the premise of the book interests you then most definitely read it, but it you are not too convinced on reading the book, then that is ok too, trust me it is not life altering. Although, it will make you think of your actions towards people.

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