Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (3)

I really really LOVE My Book Boyfriend which is hosted by The Unread Reader and I REALLY need to well step my game up and make my, MBB's as great as hers and maybe it is because I don't pay attention, or forget characteristics of my boyfriends or maybe I haven't picked a well written boyfriend yet.. who knows... maybe, I am just easy and it doesn't take much but dashing good looks and a winning smile for me to swoon over a fictional man....

Which seems to be the case with this weeks Boyfriend.. Henry Schoonmaker from The Luxe By Anna Godbersen.

Ok, this opinon MAY change throughout the rest of the series and maybe by the end of this book.. I still have 40 pages left... But I and in book love with Henry Schoonmaker and for all the wrong reasons...

For Reasons like ...
  • He Is Rich
  • He is in love with a girl who doesn't fit the standards of a typical 18th century girl (SPOILERish...and yes, it is his betrothed's sister)
  • He likes to party and have a good time
  • Tall, Dark and Handsome
  • Listens, Dotes upon other with thoughtful gifts
  • Willing to make a fool of himself for the object of his affection
  • Daring
Honestly, oddly enough the reason I fell in love with him and when I knew EXACTLY who I pictured him to be was the moment when he showed Diana what a real kiss was. I picture him to look like Robert Pattinson.. which will also be the same when I eventually do a MBB on Edward, but i picture them in different attire and view them soley as separate people who are both similarly sexy appearance wise but differently appealing personality wise... Am I rambling? Does That make sense? You know what.. just look at the pictures = )

Not his best photos, sexy wise, but I felt the represented how he would look as Edward Schoonmaker..


  1. I don't know that book I will need to have a look now!

  2. I have not read Luxe yet but one of students has said it is awesome. and Edward sounds very swoon worthy.

  3. "Willing to make a fool of himself for the object of his affection"--Aw! that's the part I liked best about your description. I just added this book to my wish list. :)

  4. Henry definitely sounds swoon worthy. I saw this book in the store but never picked it up. I will have to rethink my choice.

  5. Uh oh.. his betrothed's sister! Please tell me it works out.

    I just swooned all over Rob this past weekend in WfE! He has classic good looks, and seems like he'd be a great choice for Henry.

  6. I absolutely love that series and your great actor choice for Henry! :)

    My Book Boyfriend

  7. wow I didn't know this meme it's a really good idea :D !

    I don't know this series :S.