Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me

I have been a loyal follower of Chelsea Handler's hilarious series of books... my favorite being Are You There Vodka? Its Me, Chelsea. So when I heard that the next book, would turn the tables on Chelsea and give her victims a chance to expose Chelsea for who she really is, I was instantly sold. It was genius, pure hilarity, it has to be right?!  Yet, I find myself between a rock and a hard place here. The loyal fan inside of me wants to love this book, but the practical me just wasn't sold...

Loyal Fan Version :
Chelsea Handler is nuts, yet a pure genius! The stories you here about her as SO ridiculous you really can't help but think she was a made up character in a Judd Apatow movie. You get to hear stories from different people in her life, siblings, co-workers, her dog, and friends. All basically saying the same thing, Chelsea Handler is a love-able liar.

Practical Me Version :
The more I learn about Chelsea Handler, the less I like her and the less funny she gets, honestly she really comes off as a ego-maniacal rude bitch. Yes, some of her antics are funny, but 90% of the time she takes it too far. Maybe it is just me but I couldn't handle constantly being harassed, fucked me, and possibly peed on. On top of that I  am not a giant fan of her constant drug use, but it is her life and not mine. Anyways, I find her highly hypocritical too, she makes fun of all these dumb ass people on her show, yet she is just as big of a hot-mess as they are!

Now getting off my high horse. In general, the book was amusing and a quick read. I just felt that the some stories had been told already in past books and other stories we just repetitive of the other chapters. I would have liked a few more outrageous stories, that bring the tears, as most of her previous books have. Although, I did like the clear distinct voices each writer had, while still maintaining the tone of Chelsea's books. I could of also done without the chapter done by Chelsea's dog. I get where she was trying to go with it, but it felt to forced. It is like when animated cartoons try to do outtakes. Semi-funny, but you know it is fake. I couldn't even finish reading through it. Now. If you are someone who hasn't read all or any of Chelsea Handler's books, then you will find this book extremely funny and if you are a loyal fan, you will appreciate the effort.

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