Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Want Want Want Wednesday (10)

The Girl in The Steel Corset By Kady Cross

I will admit I had some interest in this book when I first saw it making the YA blogger rounds, and yes.. I probably would of eventually picked the book out and read it.. mainly due to the cool name and beautiful cover... I feel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/Rumors/A Great and Terrible Beauty vibe just from the cover and title. However it was until I read this review on The Brazen Bookworm . That I was sold on the book and its whole plot!  Seriously, go take a looksy at that review and say you are not interested in reading this book!

 A Reliable Wife By Robert Goolrick

I have wanted to read A Reliable Wife since I saw the woman next to me at the nail salon reading the book and raving about it! and with a summary like this one I am not surprised.. Sounds right up my ally. 
"Set in 1907 Wisconsin, Goolrick's fiction debut (after a memoir, The End of the World as We Know It) gets off to a slow, stylized start, but eventually generates some real suspense. When Catherine Land, who's survived a traumatic early life by using her wits and sexuality as weapons, happens on a newspaper ad from a well-to-do businessman in need of a "reliable wife," she invents a plan to benefit from his riches and his need. Her new husband, Ralph Truitt, discovers she's deceived him the moment she arrives in his remote hometown. Driven by a complex mix of emotions and simple animal attraction, he marries her anyway. After the wedding, Catherine helps Ralph search for his estranged son and, despite growing misgivings, begins to poison him with small doses of arsenic. Ralph sickens but doesn't die, and their story unfolds in ways neither they nor the reader expect. This darkly nuanced psychological tale builds to a strong and satisfying close."
The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives By Sarah Strohmeyer

I think of this book as Desperate Housewives Meet Stepford Wives with a slightly darker twist. I feel it would most definitely be a fun read and maybe even great for a female friendly book club. Overall I feel this book has a waspy taste to it and I think I will like it!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!! Glad you liked the review...let me know what you think of the book!! :)