Wednesday, April 24, 2013

LA Times Festival of Books (Year 2) Part 1

So, Every year the Los Angeles Times has a 2 day event called The Festival of Books! Which is pretty much the biggest book event that occurs in LA and as far as I am aware pretty much the only one.  I attended last years event but could only attend Day 1 since I became sick for Day 2.  Day 1 was a great day though, where I got to attend an event with John Green and a panel for Libba Bray and Pete Hautman....and I just realized The Post I wrote for this is MISSING, will have to write a follow up post then!

Anyways,  for a whole year.. I have been anticipating going to the LA Times Festival of Books. Endlessly checking the website to see who would be attending and getting my Mom and Husband ready to attend. Once they announced the panel lists. I sat down and plotted what I was going to attend. To say the least I was excited. Then Day 1 comes and I am sick! I was bummed but not too worried because a few days before I learned the panels sold out early (this did not happen last year) However, I would not miss day 2 I had tickets to one panel, with Maureen Johnson on it and I had missed her panel last year, so I was determined to go!

Day 2

So, Day 2 arrives and My mother and I make a way over to the USC Campus, We park and embark on our adventure to the YA Area. We get there early enough that I have time to wander and look at all the booths. Something we didn't really do last time.

As we enter The YA Area they had the WB had the Batmobile on display, because although it is the YA section, Warner Brothers studios kind of dominates the area with movie stuff. It was pretty cool seeing the recent Batmobile, since I had just the previous night watched the most recent movie.

By this point it was crazy crowded and very hot. So, my mom sneaked off to a courtyard to relax in the shade and get something to eat, while I wonder a small section of the YA section. I say small because like I mentioned before it was effing HOT and crowded and frankly, it was giving me anxiety. I passed one booth. Once Upon A Time (a book store) at that time they were holding a book signing. I didn't recognize the authors names (this happens often with me) but I did recognize the book covers and titles of one author Elizabeth Eulberg. So, I went into the cafe and asked my Mom for some money.

SIDE BAR: Yes, I am 23 and Married. You may have noticed though that I attend a lot of these book events with my Mom and that My Mom buys A LOT of my books for me. There are several reasons for this. My Mom sometimes buys books for me, just because and other times I ask. But, my Mom is also my Boss and she knows what I get paid. Which at the moment is enough to cover bills and food. 

As, we were in the cafe my Mom and I were now in line, getting some food and drinks when and man and a women walk in. I immediately notice that the women is not only REALLY pretty, REALLY skinny. Something I did say out loud. They May have heard me. The man noticed a bag a women was carrying behind us and my Mom and I turned to glance at it. Finding it amusing, the bag and that the man noticed the bag, since Our Company is Backpacks... So, we tend to notice others bags and backpacks and discuss it. The man took a picture of the backpack. We mildly discussed it and then went on our way. Where my mother asked me to take a picture of the bag as we left...Thus, this picture.

The bag of interest is the " I Would Prefer Not To" It wouldn't be until I got home, That I realized the Man and Woman, Pictured In The back of the line are Author Ransom Riggs and Tahereh Mafi. Ransom, also narrated the panel I attended later in the day, however I would didn't put two and two together because at the Cafe I noticed Mafi more and just knew she was with a taller man. Wasn't until I saw they were in this photo that I could confirm it was Ransom Riggs. Mafi was also, at the panel in the audience, but like I said, not until I got home did I know who she was. 

After that my Mom gave me money and I made my way over to the booth to purchase Elizabeth Eulberg's book. Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality.  Elizabeth was SO nice (although, I have yet to meet an author who wasn't) We somehow got on the topic of her book covers and we discussed how some came to be, and how she liked some and others she didn't love. What I thought was funny is how she told me, she liked to mess around with her publisher (David Levithan) and tell him she hated certain covers and make him worry for a second before she would text back Just Kidding. We talked for a good 15 minutes or so. She was very nice, and I look forward to reading her other books!

And that will conclude Part 1. This post turned out to be longer than I expected and I know I have  A LOT to say about the Panel. So, I have decided to split it into Part 1 and Part 2.

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