Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Photography...


I have a lot of passions and hobbies, and one of those hobbies is Photography. The weird thing is I never considered it a hobby. When I look back now it makes sense that it has always been an interest of mine. In middle school my best friend Natasha and I would walk to Safeway and purchase inexpensive disposable cameras and take "artistic photos" and have them developed then came the age of Myspace and Facebook and I was now beginning high school.

For a gift I received a Nikon Digital Point and Shoot Camera. Through the years I went through many digital cameras (mainly for my talent of dropping them) but what was interesting was through those years. I had developed a reputation as being kind of like the class "papparazzi" I mean, people would laugh/complain "oh no KT is taking a pic of us" but the next day I would get messages asking when the photos were going to be posted and you would see the photo I took of them as their new profile picture.

Then about a year or so ago.. I realized I had outgrew my Nikon Point and Shoot (although I love it) it just wasn't taking the photos I was envisioning. Thus began the process of begging and asking for a DSLR camera. Still during all this time. I didn't consider photography a hobby or even passion of mine. It was something I just did.

Finally, last fall my Husbands birthday gift to me was a Nikon D3100 and since then I have taken a bunch of photos that I am really proud of. My Husband has also done a great job and supporting that and buying me new equipment as I grow. And it wasn't until I got this gift that I realized this was a passion of mine and had been all along. I still not a great photographer and I have a lot to learn. However, I am still very happy with the shots I have taken and where they are now.

 So.. Now, To The Exciting News about it is that some of my photos are being SOLD for a few days on this site called 500px  and I would appreciate if you would take a look, vote of my pictures and so on and so forth.. maybe BUY a piece = ) hehe

Or... you can check out this site where my photos are ALSO being sold.. PhotoBox which is a European site..

And if anything, PLEASE Like My Facebook Page... K.Gregorio Photography

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