Monday, April 29, 2013

LA Times Festival of Books (Year 2) Part 2

If You Saw Part 1 of this, then you know a couple weeks ago, I attended The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books and here is where I pick up on Part 2 of My Day at the festival...

Last year, I was suppose to see Maureen Johnson, Maggie Stiefvater and Melissa DeLaCruz in a panel, but I was sick and couldn't see them. Luckily in the past year, Maggie Stiefvater and Melissa DeLaCruz did other appearances and I got to meet them, but Maureen Johnson eluded me! So, I was really excited for this panel. This Panel had Melissa De La Cruz, Maureen Johnson, Katherine Marsh and Lisa McMann and Narrated By Ransom Riggs.

Sorry, for the poor photo quality.  The panel was very funny. They each talked about their newest books, Gates of Paradise, The Madness Underneath, Jepp Who Defied The Stars and Crash. Melissa DeLaCruz's excerpt surprised me, because it kinda gives away a huge plot line in the series. But it was cool too, also it was funny hearing that she forgot actually how her book originally ended and had to go back through her notes to remember.  Maureen Johnson's excerpt was funny (of course) Having to do with Rory and Alistair. During this time one of the signs on the posters behind them fell and they joked that is was Alistair and he wasn't amused. Katherine Marsh began with describing how her book came to be, which was REALLY interesting and I look forward to reading it because it is definitely not a common concept. Lisa McMann's reading also set  the plot of the book, and I am excited to read Crash as well.

A lot of ?'s were asked and it was interesting to hear the author different and same answers.  They talked about the themes of their books. 

Melissa De La Cruz: saying that hers is in the names of her titles
 Katherine Marsh: Fate  
Lisa McMann: She really didn't know. That was my favorite answer because, it is totally me. She just writes, if you see a theme great, but she doesn't write with one in mind. 
Maureen Johnson:discussed how she didn't like when students emailed her, asking for the theme of her book. Mainly, cause they are usually doing it was a school project and are just being lazy. So in response she sends them bogus responses like the theme being about artisan cheese making and such.

They discussed their writing process.. 

Melissa DeLaCruz: Outlines. She writes everything down that she needs to know.
Maureen Johnson: Likes to Leroy Jenkins It. This Got A Few Laughs. If you Don't Know what that is, youtube it.. It is HILARIOUS.
Katherine Marsh and Lisa McMann: Both said they don't outline. 


Someone asked the difference Between Young Adult and Adult and all the authors pretty much said the same thing. They don't feel there is a difference, except that the characters are younger. 

Towards the end, things got interesting when a girl asked If there were any original plot lines left?" They way see worded it was pretty insulting, almost like she was saying the the authors books weren't original. To be fair, I don't think she meant it in that way. But it obviously, bothered the authors. You could tell, cause the tone in their voices changed. Their answers were pretty clear too. Yes, there are still original plot lines left.

That concluded the Q&A portion and then it became.. BOOK SIGNING Time!

I usually get extremely nervous around Authors but it was pretty easy to talk to Maureen Johnson. She complimented my shirt "I'm Not A Player I Just Blog A Lot" and she said she hoped I liked her book and If I didn't I could just lie. Which we discussed that, that is the best way to form a relationship and then we took a picture together. I really think this may be my favorite author picture thus far. 

And Here Is My Signed Books, Books I bought and Bookmarks I got from my day at LATFOB

And I CANNOT Wait For Next Year!

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