Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Would Have A Crush On..

... If I was a fictional character,but really they are my book crushes.

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1. Adam Wilde
I have been obsessed with him since If I Stay and it only got better with Where She Went.
He is my NUMBER  ONE. No other character has really stood up to him in my eyes.

2. Dimitri Belikov
That silent masculine Russian grew on me, and I really did love him. Yes, he did some things that turned me off.. and maybe another man came into the picture and woo'd me. But I will say Dimitri is still on the list.

3. Adrian Ivashkov
Cause, there is something about that sweet bad boy that I just can't help but love. I mean I think most of my list consists of that. 

4. The Darkling
Now this is a REAL bad guy. And the series can still change my mind, but really he was my favorite part of that book and probably the only evil person I found sexy.

5. Griffin King
There is something about Griffin that makes me happy. Maybe, it is cause he is British..

6. Jack Dandy
Again. It is the bad boy who has a soft spot. Can't resist it.

7. Cricket Bell
He is the sweet dork, who is a little manly. There is something sexy about that really. 

8. Edward Cullen
Yea.. he is on my list. I can't explain it. I just like him A LOT. 

9. Peeta Mallark
I never thought I'd say this. But Peeta is husband material. Strong and caring. 

10. Bram Griswold
Yea. I also like a zombie. BUT he is a nice zombie. Who somehow can have sex appeal. Really. 

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  1. Great list. Adam Wilde is so sweet and a musician. I understand the crush, lol. Thanks for stopping by my TTT :)