Thursday, July 7, 2011


Jinx is about a teenage girl named Jean Honeychurch who's nick name is Jinx. Jean moves to New York at the end of the school year to live with her Aunt, Uncle and three cousins Tory, Teddy and Alice. It is soon discovered that Tory is not the same cousin, Jinx remembers her as. Tory is now all wrapped up in being edgy and goth like, since she is convinced she is the witch her Grandmother had been talking about in a family story. Things turn for the worse when Tory gets jealous that Jinx may not only be "stealing" the guy she is into, but may actually be the family witch.

Jinx is written by Meg Cabot and although, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Meg Cabot, I did not expect much from this book, it just looked like a fun read and it was.. but it also was intriguing enough and had me not wanting to put it down. I enjoyed this book and it is a perfect quick read, it is funny and cute and enchanting. Although it is about magic and witches, the book is not engulfed by it. My only critique is that I wish it was a little longer.

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