Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mad Love

Summary: Alice Amorous is The Queen of Romance's...Daughter. Alice's mom is the famous author Belinda Amourous, but when she is diagnosed as Bi-polar and whisked off to a treatment facility, awhile making Alice promise to keep the reason for her absence a secret. So while juggling her life , the last thing she needs is a greek god like teenager claiming to be Cupid and practically forcing Alice to write his story.

Plot: The Plot mildly reminded me of  a mix between Elixir by Hilary Duff and that Cupid related show  that was on ABC before it got canceled (which bums me out, since I enjoyed it). Minus those similarities, the plot is rather original and kept me interested... yet it lacked something. I can't exactly say what though. It just didn't quite hit the mark.

Characters: I liked Alice. Her personality and sense of humor, made me smile a lot and the worry that she was going to be "crazy" like her Mom was realistic. As for the other characters The Tennants such as Archibald, Realm, Mrs.Bobbit and The Reverend, they were nice and well rounded, but I felt she needed to focus more on the two Characters Errol/Cupid and Tony. I think the lack of depth on those characters is what may have been what the book was missing when it needed that extra something-something.

Pros: Well for starters I LOVE the cover. I feel the foreshadowing in the book was awesome... Although It may have been unintentional by the author... I appreciated it.

Cons: There were parts that I feel could have been left out, maybe a little to "choppy" and other parts that I would have like more elaboration on.

Final Thoughts: I was really hoping to get this awesome greek mythology, love story, feeling thing going on with this book and although at time I almost got that feeling, I mostly felt disappointed. Maybe for a younger audience in the YA genre this book would be nice. Especially as a summer read, but for me If I were to give stars it would be a 3 out of 5. Although, this does not discourage me from wanting to read Suzanne Selfors other books.

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