Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (9)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme Hosted by The Unread Reader
My Book Boyfriend is a place where we can swoon over the men we love in books and brag about how great they are.
This Weeks Book Boyfriend is Zack Rosen from Jinx.

Reasons to L-O-V-E Him...
  • He Likes Seals
  • He Gets Decently Good Grades
  • He Doesn't Drink or Do Drugs
  • He Prefers Climbing Over Walls 
  • He Listens to What The Girl Says

Actor Joshua Bowman


  1. He sounds adorable, he prefers climbing over walls? I want to know more now.

  2. I haven't read this but he sounds cute! :)

  3. I had more adorable things about him, but I forgot to write them down and I already returned the book.

    He lives next door to Tory and instead of walking one house over her climbs the wall.

  4. That guy is gorgeous. And Zack sounds like such a good and genuine guy :)

  5. aww he sounds so cute! I want a guy to climb walls for me! I once made a guy who liked me come sing me a song in the middle of the night to "prove his love" to me ahaha I really just wanted to have some boy standing outside my window singing....

    anyway good choice! I'll have to check out the book!

  6. Dawwww! A guy who listens. That is rare, so I would definitely hold on to him. ;)

  7. Zack was a pleasant surprise in Jinx. At first I wasn't sure about him since he was hanging out with Tori but then he made you fall for him little by little.

  8. Sounds like a real decent guy! Great pick!

    Here's mine:

  9. He sounds like a nice guy! I am a new follower. :)

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend