Friday, September 30, 2011

Disorderly Conduct

"Battling monsters is a job for heroes. So what do you do when there are none to be found? The story begins with a hydra disguised as an illness that grows two more problems for each one that is conquered. Before long a brain eating zombie emerges that gobbles memories slowly, relentlessly returning to feed over and over. It cannot be killed only endured. A shape shifting demon throws up roadblocks to increase suffering, not content to disguise itself merely as individuals but even taking on the face of an entire title company. Opposing them are people who use humor to fight despair, relationships to forge strength, and compassion to find understanding. The key is not in winning but in accepting the challenge."

Plot: Since it is a Non-Fiction, real life book their isn't really a plot per-say but I was impressed with Paul's ability to take a a sad story and take a humorous twist to it. The only thing would be there were some stories, that although at times funny or tantalizing that could have been left out, due to them either making the story unnecessarily longer or not having a satisfying conclusion, that happened a lot for me.

Character: Paul did an AWESOME job at conveying someone through their personality. Not so much as trying to describe someone through looks and their visual appearance. That approach to a character suited Paul and this story very well.

Pros: Compelling story, funny, while being serious and sad. Great 1st book.

Cons: Some spelling errors, needs to be edited down and I would personally go for a different cover.

Final Thoughts: Wow, I am going to admit, reading this book was a little nerve wrecking for me. It is always nerve wrecking, when I am asked to review a book by the author, cause the fear of what if I actually hate their book, or what if they think I only wrote a nice review cause they gave me a their book. (I never write a nice review because I don't want to hurt the others feelings but still...) So, it made this book a lot more nerve wrecking when the author was someone I actually knew! I mean now there was a lot of pressure. My fear of hating this book was QUICKLY dissipated within the first 20 pages, but then my other fear of being biased rolled in my brain. I will be honest. I have a lot to be biased about I know 3 of  the main characters in the book, one of them being my third cousin. My mom and my aunt, as well as my families business are referenced in this book. So, I had a lot to be biased from. The only thing, it changed it that I was just able to envision the characters THAT much better. I LOVED this book. Trust me, when my mom told me it was about Catherine's Alzheimer's ridden, hoarding cousin and that is was funny... I was skeptical. I mean really, how could that be made funny? Sure enough, I was laughing AND I was crying and sometimes at the same time! And these weren't inner laughs and tears, these were real and out-loud ones. That is something hard to do, especially for a first time author. But, this book was not without its faults... As I said in the cons and plot section. The book needed some editing. Somethings that are at times funny and maybe important to the family in telling a whole story, are not necessary to a reader, to keep the captivated. Although, I was laughing.. I felt I was almost reading the same thing over again. Or if It was truly and REALLY important to the author to keep it in their. Maybe just re-formatting the chapters around. I read this book in PDF form, so that might be different or changed when it comes out in book form.  Overall, I am impressed by the obvious talent for writing that Paul has shown and cannot wait and hope for a 2nd book by him  to come out. Because he has so much potential. I also would recommend this book to anyone who is going through a similar situation, in most definitely will help them cope with something that isn't always sunny.  Also, on a side note, this would make a hilarious dark comedy and someone should definitely look into getting the rights for it as a movie. Just saying...

Disorderly Conduct Is Only Available Right Now Through EReader's 

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