Saturday, May 28, 2011

Demon Glass

Demon Glass is the 2nd book in the what I believe would be the Hex Hall Series By Rachel Hawkins and although I didn't give the 1st book an amazeballs review.. the book was still intriguing enough for me to  want to read the next book and I am most glad I did! 

[SPOILER ALERT If You Have NOT read Hex Hall and want too,  this part of the review will give some shockers away]
Demon Glass follows Sophie as she copes with the fact that the person she loves is actually a demon hunter and the fact that Sophie herself is in fact not a witch but a Demon. After, a few troubling issues at Hecate... Her Dad requests that she move to England and live with him and the council for the Summer. Jenna joins the trip, as well as the hunky groundskeeper Cal. Soon there ensues a love triangle, a little spy work to solve a demon farming mystery and so forth.

Anyways, maybe that wasn't a spoiler.. but Hey! I don't want to risk anything! Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with the book. I definitely enjoyed it more then the first one. Although still cheesy in ways and kind of predictable. I feel that Hawkins definitely found more of her own voice in this book... and the cliffhanger was perfect. I felt so much more invested in the characters this time around and towards the head I was really worried for them. As far as the cliffhanger mentioned.. I did not see it coming... I for some reason felt that their would only be two books and the story would end there, so I was shocked when it ended with an opening for a third book... which I am  more excited then ever to read!  I want to know more!

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