Friday, May 27, 2011

The Wedding Girl

Boy, did I ever learn not to pick a book by its cover with this one! I mean this obviously won't detour me from buying books just because I like their title and cover, but it is a disappointment when a book with both, falls short on the whole story line.

The book is about Milly who when she is 18 marries a man named Allan spur of the moment, ten years later she is engaged again and about to get married to a wealthy handsome man named Simon and have the wedding of the century. Until someone from the past comes back into her life and threatens to tell the secret that she was in fact married before and never got divorced. Yea, that really is the plot.

It has potential and unfortunately the story didn't really progress to more then a bad soap opera. I really wanted to like the book and since I have enjoyed her books in the past I was sad that this one was not one of those books.. but to be honest I just found the book dry and annoying with twists that weren't exactly shocking, but disturbing. Ok, disturbing is harsh.. they just weren't "OMG I can't believe it!" they were more "Really? That is weird..." I also, found it hard to really emotionally love the characters... although I found easy to hate a one. Particularly Simon; who's constant whining, insecurities and outbursts drove me insane!

To some readers, I am sure this book may appeal to you... it could definitely become someone guilty pleasure summer vacay read... it just wasn't mine and it wouldn't be a book I recommend to my fairweather reading friends.

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