Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Throwback Tuesday (1)

On the spur of the moment, I decided to create Throwback Tuesday, which allows me to write a review on books I have read in the past. I am aware that this list may not last long, since for a year this blog consisted of "Throwback" Books. However, Every once in awhile I remember a book, that I enjoyed reading and I think about how I would want to blog about it, but I am not sure if I should, since I hadn't recently read it. So this is my solution. PS if this blog comes out funky, It is most likely a mix between the fact that I am on Percocet and my lack of proof reading my blogs before posting them.

I had been wanting to write a review on this book for awhile, but I kept forgetting the name of the book; which is slightly ironic, given the theme of this book. Now that i can finally remember the title and now that I created my own little platform to allow myself to blog about it; I am happy.   Anyways, I wouldn't say There's No Place Like Here is a phenomenal life changing book, but it is a great little gem.

The book follows Sandy Shortt and her present life, as well as flashbacks of her past. Sandy is a Missing Persons detective in Ireland, who has always been obsessed with finding missing things, whether it was her other sock or her the little girl in her neighborhood who went missing when she was a child. While investigating another missing persons case, Sandy soon finds herself in the place where all missing things go, "Here". While in "Here" Sandy finds a bunch of things that disappeared in her life and a few people who she had been investigating their disappearance. However, Sandy isn't sure how to get out of "here" either. 

The book wasn't a hard read, but it definitely cute, endearing and at times heart breaking. Ahern did an amazing job at writing an original book and plot. If you need a book that will make you laugh, smile and even cry, but overall make you think a little and make you feel good... then this book is most definitely a book you need to read.

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