Tuesday, May 31, 2011

White Cat

So, I literally just finished reading White Cat By Holly Black and I am not sure how I feel and to be fair I really wasn't sure what I wanted from this book when I picked it out at the library... So I guess I was a blank slate... but lately I have been on a book low and I need a high.. not meaning I haven't read any good books, just meaning I haven't read enough GREAT books and I feel like this is depressing me into not like other books as much as they may deserve. Although, I did enjoy Please Ignore Vera Dietz and Demon Glass A LOT. Those weren't enough to satisfy me, I guess.

White Cat is about a family of curse workers. Curse workers are normal people who are born with powers that can affect people by their touch. So in this world which is basically modern day America but instead of Mob Families you have Criminal Curse Worker families and in this world being a worker (good or bad) is illegal and to try and prevent being worked.... Everyone wears gloves.  So the main character Cassel grows up in a family of workers and con artists and although he is a great con artist, he is not a worker. So, he spends most of his life feeling like he his on the outside looking in when it comes to his family as workers, since they are so secretive about the going ons of the family business.

As far as the book goes I did enjoy it, I liked how original the idea was and that was most definitely refreshing, but at times.. I felt it was hard to keep up with and I just couldn't fully get lost in it. It was just missing the extra umph of writing in my opinion. However, although at times I was uncomfortable will the darkness of the book, I think Black did a great job at balancing that and keeping the book still YA friendly. In the end I would most definitely read the second book in series and see if it can suck me in even more.

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  1. I absolutely loved White Cat! I read and reviewed it yesterday actually haha! It's too bad you weren't able to get as fully lost in it as I was...Hopefully you'll enjoy the second book more though!