Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Book Boyfriend (4)

My Book Boyfriend is a weekly meme Hosted By The Unread Reader . Where we talk about the men we love in literature and swoon over them.

My Book Boyfriend is W.W. Hale the V from Heist Society 

Why I "Love" Him...

  • Nickname: Hale
  • Handsome
  • Cunning
  • Protective
  • Rich, so he steals to feel something

Who I Would Choose To Play Hale..

Actor: Dave Franco
Swoon-Worthy Quote

“Dance with me.”
 “What?” she asked, but his arms were already going around her waist. He was already holding her tightly against him.
“Dancing. Come on. You can do it. It’s a lot like navigating through a laser grid. It requires rhythm.” He moved her hips to the beat of the distant music. “And patience.” He spun her out slowly and back toward him. “And it’s only fun if you trust your partner.” The dip was so slow, so smooth, that Kat didn’t know it was happening until the world had already turned upside down and Hale’s face was inches from her own.
 “Count me in, Kat.” He squeezed her tighter. “You should always count me in.” [204]


  1. I love Dave Franco. He is GORGEOUS! I really need to read Heist Society now that I have him to imagine as Hale. It is on my shelf.

  2. oh yes read it ASAP! and I love Dave Franco too, I used to be obsessed with James... but he is getting too weird for my taste.

  3. ZOMG! Kelsey, Do you know how much I love W.W. Hale? Of course it is killing me that I don't know what the W.W. stands for!

    He is truly swoon worthy. I love it when he told Kat that he does it for her. *le sigh*

    And Dave for Hale is PERFECT! I may have to steal him in the future.

  4. Great choice. I loved Hale from the beginning. It was something about having to steal to get emotion from him. Plus I love his smooth moves.

  5. Oooh! I like the sound of this character--it's fascinating to see someone with a compulsion to steal in order to take away the numbness. Great choice for him too!

  6. Mmmm - I don't know him, but I think I should! ;) Great choice!

    Reading Lark's Book Boyfriend