Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Heist Society

Heist Society totally rocked my world! It was pretty much what I expected but was better, I found myself wrapped up in the story. I am most definitely disappointed that I didn't pick this book up sooner! Heist Society is about this 15 year old Con Artist name Katarina Bishop, who has left the game for a normal life at boarding school, until someone frames her Dad in a heist and Katarina has to clear is name. It reminded me a lot of Oceans 11 Jr. Anyways, with the help of friends and family she assembles a crew and they travel all around the world to execute the perfect heist and clear her Dads name.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the book my only problem with it is I would have preferred Katarina to be 17, she just appeared to come off older.. So I was always a but put off when reminded of her and the rest of the crews young age. My feelings are quite mixed on her relationship with Hale. I REALLY want them to be together, so I was disappointed when it didn't happen, (better happen in the 2nd book though) but at the same time, I am happy it was instant love type thing either.  I could most definitely see this being turned into a TV Movie and if so I think I would cast Selena Gomez or Nina Dobrev. Anyways, it is an enjoyable read for anyone who like YA Books. I cannot wait to read the next book.

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