Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Want Want Want Wednesday (9)

Want Want Want Wednesday is My Own Personal weekly Meme that I do, which is similiar to TBR, Waiting on Wednesday, etc. Except it is really ANY books you want to read or own, or whatever you just want them
= )

Devoted By Hilary Duff

OK, So.. I have already pre-ordered this book, like I was waiting to pre-order the second I heard there was a release date, and then I waited a month or so till it was actually a confirmed book on amazon and then I pre-ordered it! Seriously, cannot explain how stoked I am for this book. Minus the cover. I am not happy with this cover at ALL.. I mean I like some cohesion in my book covers, when it comes to series and the first book Elixir; has is deep purple with a flower on it (I believe an Orchid) So.. this cover isn't working for me. Anyways, for those who don't what the series is about... It is about a girl name Clea who is 17, after her father goes missing, she starts seeing a man appearing in all the photos she is taking, after at first being creeped out, she soon finds herself drawn to this individual. This leads her on a journey, that turns into a fight against destiny, search for her father and much much more. Oh and yes, it is written by THAT Hilary Duff. But don't be discouraged by that at all!

Uncommon Criminals By Ally Carter

This is another book that I almost pre-ordered, but it comes out in late June.. So I decided to wait. Also, back to cohesion.. this book cover/series has it! Sorry, for that side note. Anyways, I am excited to see what Kat and the family are up to do next. What their next heist/con will be. AND I am DYING for Kat and Hale's romance to heat up! 

Still Missing By Chevy Stevens

Still missing is a story about a 32 year old realtor who is abducted, while showing a home. The story is about her life living with her abductor, escaping, coping and trying to catch the abductor.   I want this book, mainly because I like books about real hard hitting stuff that happens every day and the psychological way it affects people.


  1. Ooh, I just received 3 Ally Carter books in the post. I've been dying to read these. :)