Monday, May 9, 2011

Hex Hall

I had heard a lot of positive buzz on Hex Hall, and the sequel to the book Demonglass. Especially, since I was going to see her at Hicklebee's back in March and purchase her book, get it signed and all the fun stuff, that is seems every book blogger does, but me. Not that I don't want to, they just seem to fall on the most inconvenient days for me. Anyways, with all the positive buzz, I was happy to stumble upon this book, when I visited the Library.

The premise of the book is pretty simple, human "witch" named Sophie Mercer, exposes herself (her magic people!) to humans a few too many times and gets sent to a reform school for other magical creatures, known as Prodigium. While there she is asked to join another witches coven headed by the uber bitchy, pretty, typical mean girl character Elodie, and becomes close to her roommate Jenna who happens to be a Vampire. Quickly, Sophie learns that, Jenna's friend and previous roommate Holly was murdered. To make matters even more fun.... Holly was apart of Elodie's Coven and most of the school thinks it was Jenna who killed her. Sophie struggles to learn about the magic world and how to properly use her powers, while being tormented by Elodie for being so pathetic and to make matters worse Sophie has began crushing on the school heart throb and bad boy, who also happens to be Elodie's Boyfriend. Soon another student is attacked and the school is on high alert trying to figure who has committed the crime, as well as everyone blaming Jenna and all that fun stuff.

I am going to be honest I wasn't instantly in love with this book. The book isn't exactly TOO original, although yes, it does have a new-ish spin on things. I also, felt Hawkins.. was trying to sound a little too much like Meg Cabot, which I felt didn't work for this book.. it wasn't awful, it just felt like she was trying too hard. Overall, though as I read the book did get better and is a nice simple, cute, easy read. I would definitely recommend this book to a younger audience, because although not completely a juvenile book, I felt all in all it had that vibe. So, if you looking for a quick summer read, or a book for your next book report then this book will work out perfectly. I also noticed, that on both book covers, there is a black cat, but in this book their is no black cat... I don't really understand that but who knows. I am excited to read Demonglass, because Hex Hall did leave a lot of set up for this book to be phenomenal and out shine the first one.


  1. It is such a fine line when authors all start to sound the same. Every author needs a fresh voice. Yet, if something sells good then I guess an author wants to emulate that style as well.

    u shud soo do him as one of ur book boyfriends........