Friday, February 11, 2011

Half a Review

The Girls of Murder City! The title was enough to get me all excited, wished listed and eventually bought as little gift from my fiance. I was elated to read this book about the real women of Cook County's Murderesses Row. That is right! Remember that little musical called Chicago? Remember, Velma Kelly and Roxie Hart? Well, they were real murderesses in 1920's Chicago. Well.. sort of they were loosely based on real women and I just couldn't wait to explore the nitty gritty streets of Chicago. I love 1920's Chicago, I love history and I love murder. [Clarification: I am a Forensic Psychology Major..i.e. I studied the criminal mind] This book was right up my alley, plus I loved the musical Chicago! This book was promising and maybe it still is, but I stop reading once I got to Part II.

Why? Well for several reasons.... one being I have never not wanted to read a book of my own choice as much as I didn't want to read this one. I procrastinated reading it. It should NEVER take me a whole month to read a little less than half a book. I tried, I really did and there were moments when I liked it and I would keep reading and then my brain would get bored again. Now, this isn't to say the writing was terrible, cause it wasn't per-say. It was more of the editing. There could have been parts in the book that were left out. He took a lot of time explaining or describing places, people, scenarios... that really just didn't need to be explained and would throw me off. Now, don't get me wrong I LOVE history, I just wasn't reading this as a history book. When he got to the more story elements of the book though, it was entertaining and enjoyable, there just wasn't enough of that. Maybe, in Part II it does, but I think it is important for writers to keep their readers motivated for at least 95% of the book. BUT, this is just my opinion.. the book has received great reviews on Amazon and had a lot of potential. Just wasn't my cup of gin.

What's Next?
Oh I am crazy excited to read this book! The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson. I know, I know.. I am late to reading this book.. but better late then never right? Plus, you know I try to read the books BEFORE the movie comes out. Anyways, I have heard marvelous, raving review about this book and its series. So, I am SO stoked to read it. 

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