Sunday, February 13, 2011

Library Lover: BOTD #13

Oh Mice and Men = ) I think I am a John Steinbeck fan mainly because he is a fellow Northern Californian. I have read Of Mice and Men twice.. both times for school. Ok... I lied I read it once, but it was assigned Twice for English 2 Honors  my sophomore year and English 4, my senior year. I didn't read it again for English and it was kinda fun to know the answers to all the questions our teacher asked (this is rare for me) Same thing happened with 1984, Except I have never read through all of 1984 (I find it boring).. I just paid a lot of attention in E2H to the class discussions. Therefore.. knowing the answers my senior year. Anyways, that being said Of Mice and Men is a great classic. That is rather heartbreaking.

You meet George and Lennie in the beginning of the book, getting dropped off in rural Northern California, to report for work on a ranch. George and Lennie are friends, George, mainly watched out for Lennie because he is what we would now say mentally disabled. Although, George tries to keep it hush hush, so that Lennie can get work as well. Lennie is a nice kid and good worker, he just doesn't know how strong he is. This being shown when he squeezes many pet mice too tight. This proves to get Lennie in trouble more than once.

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