Sunday, February 6, 2011

Library Lovers: BOTD #6

  Well Happy Super Sunday, for all you football lovers! Who are you rooting for? I am neither a huge fan of the Packers or the Steelers, but I will be spending my day, on the couch with my Fiance, eating chips and hot dogs, while cheering on good ole Green Bay. It was an easy choice who I'd root for really, the Steeler have too many Superbowl Rings, plus I'm still bitter over them beating The Cardinals awhile back AND Green Bay is one of the Original Football teams and my Grandma Thomas liked them... therefore the pros overpower the cons. =) Got My Fingers Crossed!

How can you not love the story of The Giving Tree? Really a book we should continue to read through out our lives to remind us to give, but also not to be selfish. The book is heart warming and truly timeless. Readable for all ages. If you haven't read the story of the Giving Tree, it goes simply like this... a boy eats the apples of the tree, plays on the tree and as he gets older, he wants more from the tree and the tree keeps on giving. With a touching ending, we can all learn a little kindness from reading this story. Shel Silverstein in general is a unique and talented author and poet.

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