Monday, February 7, 2011

Library Lovers: BOTD #8

For some reason this book always made me sad and I'm not really sure why, but overall it is a sweet classic tale. Sara Crewe is sent to Miss Minchin's boarding school with elaborate orders from her father that she be well taken care of, have her  own room, maid and anything else she asks for. This rubs Miss Minchin and the other girls at the boarding school the wrong way.. teasing her and calling her "Princess Sara" besides the way she carries herself, Sara is anything but a spoiled little princess. She is sweet, kind and imaginative. She even befriends a scullery maid named Becky. Unfortunately Sara's father dies and has lost his fortune. Miss Minchin, allows Sara to stay at the boarding school as a servant. During these hard times Sara keeps her spirits up by pretending she is intend a Princess. Soon, a neighbor moves in and she recognizes him to be from her native land of India. She befriends him and all turns around for Sarah. Obviously I am not just going to give away the ending.

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