Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spotlight Sunday (2)

The Blog I Choose this week is....

or find her on Twitter @makeshiftjen

YAY! I really like this blog. First, for just the name, so creative and I am guilty of the random receipt bookmark on several occasions. Although, I recently invested in the Breakfast At Tiffany's $4 bookmark at Border's. Second, she just seems really cool. Like if I knew her in real life, I think we could be friends. PLUS, she is in nursing school, and married, yet still has time to blog! How BAMF is that? Third, she is the reason why I decided to do In My Mailbox. I had seen them done before, but wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, but her VLog's were so fun and entertaining, that I wanted to try it out myself. Fourth, Her blog is just simply AWESOME! I found it through Bookalicious on Twitter, and fell in love. So, Go check it out, it will be featured on the left side under Blog of the week, until next Sunday. = )


  1. Awesome spotlight! Jen is my blogging bff and she rocks my sockkks.

    -Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner (@brokeandbookish)

  2. Yay Jen!! Love her :-) her blog definitely deserves to be spotlighted! The woman has so much on her plate, yet she continues to devote so much time to reading.. it's amazing! She's my hero ;-)

  3. Jaime- you are very lucky! I actually was just reading your blog!

    Pam- I Know! Thank you for tweeting about her, So I could discover her awesomeness

    Ginger- She is my hero too, I don't even have a lot to do and it's hard for me to find time to read and blog! She is very inspirational.