Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spotlight Sunday (1)

Spotlight Sunday is where I announce the blog of the week that I like and why I choose them. It is pretty self explanatory.. Sunday I choose a blog, I post why I like them and then on the left hand side they are featured for a week! and the 1st Spotlight Sunday goes to...

 or you can find her on Twitter as BookaliciousPam. - YA, Paranormal and Historical Fiction Book Reviews

The reason I choose Bookalicous as my 1st Spotlight Sunday is because of a few reasons. 
The 1st being she is the 1st Book Blog I have actually looked at since becoming a book blogger myself. So, looking at hers made me want to step up my game. 
2nd She lives in my Hometown! and frequents my Childhood bookstore Hicklebees! So, She instantly became near and dear to my heart. 
3rd She is Just a nice person.. WELL at least she appears to be = P
and 4th Her blog simply ROCKS! I mean first of all I love the cluttered old victorian vibe.. It's SO my style and my fiance Brandon.Who is my little computer Tech. totally geeked out when looking at how rockstar her site is and that is all thanks to her husband who does it for a living. WHAT a lucky lady. Although, I have been told she is thinking of changing her site up a little. I am excited to see it revamped. 

So, basically what I am saying is if you haven't come across Bookalicious' blog yet, then click on that little button and get to it!

P.S Technically she has been featured on my Blog of the Week since Wednesday.. but we will let that technicality slide this once. From now on all Blog of the Weeks will be from Sunday to Sunday <3


  1. Oh wow I am beyond flattered. I just woke up so you can ad lazy to the list hahaha! I am trying to put together a feature for new bloggers! I love your header so much!

  2. Ha want to talk about lazy I just woke up but... in my defense I was up till like 7am reading my book and thank you very much!