Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Right Back


Tomorrow I will be leaving for Nor. Cal to get ready for my surgery on Thursday. This means that for the week that I am gone up north there will most likely be no blog posts and it will be pretty spotty, during my recovery process. I am hoping to go to Border's and be able to buy some books while I am there, I should make a list of DEFINITELY buy when on sale; I think I will do that today.  If I buy said books I will try my hardest to have an IMM for next week. Also, depending how I feel, Spotlight Sunday may ft. I'm Booking It for two weeks. I am disappointed that I will have to leave my blog for this long, because I just started taking this blog seriously and I want to gain as many viewers as I can. I will do one last review today before I leave and then that will be that.

 In other news I got a library card for down here last Tuesday and  I am really excited to use it soon!

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