Saturday, February 12, 2011

Library Lover: BOTD #12

Do I need to explain Pride and  Prejudice? I think most of us know what this book is about and I am sure most of you just watched to movies = ) Before Disney came along and gave us women fairytale princes (i'm aware the stories Disney movies are based on existed way before Disney made them into films) There was Jane Austen and her love stories. Turning women into hopeless romantics. Jane Austen in general is a author whose books people either adore or could do without. I personally fall under the 1st category. Her books are all known, but the most infamous is by far Pride and Prejudice. I feel no need to explain the premise of the book for it really is well known.... but really, if you are a reader and you have only seen the movies; you need to go read the book.

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