Wednesday, February 23, 2011


What an interesting book! Room is one of those books that I heard SO much, yet SO little about and that is mainly because the book is a little surprise and if you say too much about it; you will take away its special magic. I LOVED this book in it's entirety, yet there were times where I hated it to. This is why; Room is about a mother (Ma) and her son Jack,who live in a room.  Jack has lived in the room his whole life and his mother has told him nothing about the world, except that it is pretend. Room is the only real. Then one day this all changes and you get to watch Jack adapt.

Where I got frustrated with the book, is probably the most brilliant part of the book. The book is told through Jack's eyes. So the words he uses and the thoughts he has are all told through a 5 year old view. It can get frustrating at times. I think we get frustrated though, like his mother does. Mainly, cause you can feel her pain of trying to be sane and protect her son. You feel her exhaustion. There are some things I think that graphically could have been left out, like mentioning his penis or pooping. Mainly because, although those may have been thoughts he had and what was going on in his life, they weren't major events in the story . At the same time the book would not have been the success that it was if it was not told through Jack's point of view. It was genius.

The story is a story we have heard before, but it is told in a way we have never seen it told, it is told in a SO much more personal way, and we see things that go on behind the scenes. That we don't normally see with these types of stories. I wish the story may have been  a little longer, however the ending was the perfect kind of closure. Room is a pretty quick and easy read, with a powerful story, It is most definitely a good read.

What's Next?

My next read is America By Heart By Sarah Palin. My Dad got me this book for Christmas after I had seen Sarah Palin speak at the San Jose Convention Center. I won't say I am exactly thrilled to read this book, and that is because I am not a HUGE fan of memoir like books. I read Dirty Sexy Politics By Meaghan McCain, because I think she is funny and also by read I mean I listened to it on my Mom's IPod Nano. However, I do like Sarah Palin, so I will give the book a try. PLUS it was a gift from my Dad.  = )

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